Why artistic venture is valuable.

Over the past 4.5 months I have been based in Tuncurry, NSW. My mother in law, Edna, has been kind enough to put up with us while we get another bus ready to get back on the road. The window in front of my computer looks out on an eighties brick two story squat ugly […]

University of Western Sydney educationist writes about watching ‘Jeremy Farquar: the Fool, the cow and the art of corruption’.

Check it out! University of Western Sydney educators writing about my work! Edutainment is alive and well in the form of political street theatre. Touching minds and hearts. Even changing lives. This truly affirms for me my artistic existence! A Pedagogy of the Streets Posted by christinefjohnston by David R Cole When we exit the […]

When is an audience not an audience?

When is an audience not an audience? When you think you know them. Momentary realisations.   My impressions when the crowd rolled in. They were very young. I had been told The Falls Festival was going to get very trashy. “Mindless”. I found myself wondering with a wry grin whether these people would even understand […]