Inspired by Youth Circus

I am presently in Newcastle Upon Tyne working with the energetic team at Five Ring Circus. Our objective for the few days is to move from silent clown to using sound for expression. Not words as such. Sounds.

I have been inspired by the openness of these younger learners. Like sponges they have soaked up the idea and are avidly working away, creating acts, communicating alongsideĀ their chosen skills, exploring and being brilliantly vulnerable in their working processes.

It is jaw dropping to see the progress they have made in only 3 workshops. And I truly look forward to our ‘rumble in the park’ creation on Sunday which will hopefully be filmed and uploaded.

Circus and circustheatre cetainly has a rich and energetic future up here in the North East. My deep respect to the adult professionals and parents supprting them all and taking them forward.

We adults can learn a lot here about losing our egos and working together to create.

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