Removing clothes in a comedy fashion

Yesterday was a great day.

In the warmth of the morning October sun I had a challenge on my hands… while on the slackline, to remove my jacket, shirt and trousers. This was the first time to try this trick for a new show. I had seen it done by my friend Kwabana Lynsey and so knew there was a particlularly tricky bit if the trousers got stuck!

So, with my two year old son watching I climbed aboard.

All went well. Jacket off easilly. Shirt also smooth and quick. Dropped to the ground with a flourish.

Trousers…zip…good….button…good. Down they slide.

Remember I am balancing 5 ft up on a slackline here. Trousers down by my ankles. In my pants and shoes and socks. Nothing else. With my neighbours enjoying their view with a morning cuppa.

Of course a certain Irish man’s law kicked in and my foot got stuck. I had to attempt the tricky manoeurvre of hand to foot while on a slackline. Lower lower lower and woooaaah, mind out 2 year old, I am coming down fast. Control and direct the fall. Roll on landing to minimise impact. Safely fallen…like an angel from heaven. hoho.

Two more attempts later and two falls later the brilliant idea of baggier trousers hits me. Great.

And that’s it! At 10am yesterday morning, success.

For the first time, to the backing of Katrina and the Waves, I removed my clothes in a comedy fashion while 5ft up on a slackline!

I truly love my job. 🙂

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