"Many thanks for your excellent performances"
Elly DeWitt, KunstenOpStraat Festival, Netherlands
Joe, i saw your show during the day in the village at Falls festival and just wanted to say how moved i was. As the show went on i began to get the jist of where you were heading and when it peaked as you balanced and the bubbles filled the air i felt something in the air the i have only felt a very small number of times. I think what your doing is truly amazing and i just wanted to thank you personally for giving me and my friends that experience and actively contributing to bettering our troubled world. My warmest regards, Levi Dowsett
Levi Dowsett, Parramatta, NSW, Australia
We received the following feedback after the comedy gig which I thought you would like to see:

"Me and my boyfriend knew nothing about the arms trade but decided that a comedy night in aid of something that sounded generally positive would be good date material. The gig itself was eye-opening. Not only was the detail of the arms trade that came out in the twisted butler's act incredibly disturbing, but the passion and clear principle was inspiring. During the following week my boyfriend, who works for a bank that shall remain nameless, paused and said, "I turned down an arms company's request to bank with us today, I just couldn't do it". I hope that this proves that events, like the one that we attended, do make a difference. If it hadn't been for the excellent acts at the CAAT gig my boyfriend and I would still be going about our everyday lives in ignorance. Thanks so much to all of the acts for giving us a much needed education!"

Henry McLaughlin, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)
"Something for everyone...Adults cheering you clapping in the front row..."
Marvellous Events UK,
With J-P Koala's speech about bringing the world together through comedy and Joseph May's show I really do think street performers should be nominated for Nobel peace prizes. Street theater unites the world. It brings people together from all walks of life. Working in Dubai was an eye opener, meeting Iranians, Egyptians and more and seeing them all enjoy the energy the beauty of street theater was a joy. I bet you there were easily people from countries that would not stand side by side, standing side by side. Street theater brings joy, breaks down barriers. Street entertainers are the troops to promote peace. To promote laughter.To bring everyone together in a circle. In a circle there are no tops, no bottoms, no hierarchy, just people sharing laughter.

Andrew Brown.

Andrew Brown (photographer) some of the time., Edinburgh
"Kept the streets alive all weekend with humour and skill"
Juliet Noble, Hay on Wye Festival, UK.
"Thanks for a job well done...The improvisatory skill is what attracts me"
Michael Cohen, Director of Events, Sydney Harbour
"He blew me away. Brilliant. I can't wait to work with him further"
Richard Strange, Cabaret Futura, UK
The best street show I have ever seen
Steven Berkoff, Writer, director and actor
"Truly an excellent show. Perfectly pitched for the family audience at our event"
Alan Hilary Events, Nissan Sunderland Family Fun Day, UK
"As a teacher I know your workshop will raise achievement directly"
Alex Galvin, Head of Drama, St Bernadette's School, Bristol.
"Challenging inspirational theatre"
The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
"Superb Joe. I really really really love your show. You make me laugh and touch my heart."
Tiffany Cherix, Sion Festival, Switzerland
"An eclectic mix of comedy"
Marie Claire Magazine,
"Professional all the way through. It has been a pleasure working with you. See you again in the future"
Michael Goodwin, Australian Wooden Boats Festival, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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