Mr WOW – pure clown’s play… anything WOW!

The pleasure of playfulness drives this clown's antics, creating WOW moments galore.

The pleasure of playfulness drives this clown’s antics, creating WOW moments galore.

Mr WOW… expect the unexpected. Anything WOW. NOW.

Fun visual foolishness on your nearest street corner.

Be ready to be WOWed.      Seek him out.

“I saw you perform at Over Farm for Halloween. What a great performance!! My kids are still talking about the WOW clown! What a joyous job you have bringing laughter and smiles to so many. Hope you continue to spread happiness for a long time!”   Waheedan Jariwalla

The Mr WOW show is exactly what it says. This bendy foolish chameleon like clown loves anything that makes him “WOW”!

Highly infectious and ridiculous.
Flying pigs…. tiny tiny bubbles….. HUGE HUMUNGOUS bubbles….. Giggles…. the Incredible Biscuit Race….. WOW…. Ping pong ball mouth juggling….  and more, much more.

….comments from a post in Inverness Street Festival 2014.

Sheila Ross 12:36pm Oct 28

We loved you Mr Wow, very entertaining.

Julie Robertson 12:01pm Oct 17

You were amazing mr wow! We saw you on Thursday. My 5yr old son loved you to bits. He loves bubbles. You handled the lorry so well xx


Inverness BID Ltd 1:07pm Oct 16

You were amazing Mr WOW! Can’t wait for more tomorrow & Saturday!

WARNING – audiences have complained of sore bellies after watching Mr WOW. Strangely they keep coming back for more.
From 5 minute surprises to 40 minute long shows. Let the playtime commence. Seek him out! Mr WOW.                      Youtube channel: Mr Joemayclown