Joe’s TaiChi And Movement: 4 Minute Fitness

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An excellent tool for both the beginner and the experienced mover. 5 moves that can truly fit in with a busy life. Improve balance, strength, energy levels, breath, calm.


Learn the 5 moves and power phrases of 4 Minute Fitness.

Well designed and derived from Yang Style TaiChi these 5 moves can really be fitted in to a busy lifestyle.

So many people give up learning, and practising, TaiChi because it is too long and arduous. I wanted to find a solution to that. You will not be a master but you will derive huge benefits from learning and practising these moves.

Improve balance, breathing, strength, energy levels, calm.


What Will I Learn?

  • Improve balance, strength, breathing, movement, calm.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

Standing and breathing.?

Start with the fundamentals. You will come back to this between every move as a reference point.
Breathing and standing00:00:00
What is the order, from feet first, for standing meditation?

Move 1.?

Up. Down. Breath connected.

Move 2.?

Balance. Up. Down. Side to side.

Move 3.?

Up. Down. Transfer weight. Introduce twist and torsion.

Move 4.?

Further torsion and release.

Move 5.?

Opening and lengthening.

Mind and body.?


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Material Includes

  • Videos.


  • Go gently. Do not rush and hurt yourself. Change and progress come slowly and gently.

Target Audience

  • Beginners and returners.