Jeremy Farquar – Twisted Butler

“The cow, the Fool and the art of corruption” by Joe May

Inspirational and original theatre.

Jeremy Farquar, butler to the incredibly powerful, has been slightly deranged by the maddenning realities of our world.

He is ready to tell some tales using breath taking circus skills to help the story unfold.

Truly unique. Whistle blowing wisdom. Farquar is a Fool.

Everything is an analogy. Nothing is as it seems.

Pearls of wisdom fall gently from the darkened mouth of this cream faced loon, using breathtaking circus skills to share his truths.

Perfect for festivals, open air performance, cabaret, theatre, as an MC, and for schools/colleges.

Drawing on years of passionate thought and research, Joe May uses tricks to create images to explore important themes of our time: irony, the world arms trade, corruption… and what we can actually do ourselves to move towards peace.

All delivered with a very healthy dose of laughter.

Compelling, inspiring and definitely funny.

Joe, thank you so much for bringing something political to The Hat Fair. It is important. Your performance brings us back to what The Hat Fair started as; what it is all about.  

Kate Hazel, Artistic Director, Winchester Hat Fair 2014.

Probably the most important show ever to have performed at our festival.

Steve Cousins, programmer, Streets of Durham Festival

Challenging, inspirational theatre…

Sydney Morning Herald

A rare combination of humour, acrobatics, and message in a performance that holds you entranced from the word go.

Hilary Lawson, Director, The Institute of Art and Ideas

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