Joseph D’Amour Bouffon – A Modern Man?

Joseph D’Amour Bouffon (Joseph, the fool of love) wanders the world weeping, singing for his lost love. He starts a show in her memory. A crowd forms.

A beautiful woman is smiling at him! A new love?

Excitement builds as D’Amour pulls every trick he can, trying to impress.

Audiences the world over have enjoyed his foolish attempts to win a single kiss.

Will he get the girl? Will he be worthy of a kiss? Will he prove himself a modern man!?

A classic tale of man’s struggle to impress. With a stupendous French accent.

Perfect for festivals, open air performance, cabaret, theatre, as an MC, and for schools/colleges.

Joe May unpicks the tricky job of being a modern man. This is a clown with a few points to make – flexibility, sense of humour, fitness, fame, a feminine side and the ability to multitask…all shown through surprising circus tricks, contortion and humour.

The theme makes this show highly accessible for school students of various ages.

The best street show I have ever seen.

Steven Berkoff. Actor, director & playwright. UK.

Fantastic. Well crafted… something for everyone… toddlers giggling… adults cheering.

Ashley Davidson, Marvellous Events, UK

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